Mission Statement

GroundWorks Studios’ will provide facilities for emerging artists in a collective environment, creating a contemporary, innovative and vibrant surrounding. It will greatly enhance Galway’s rich cultural traditions and will be a centre for creative excellence in the applied arts, contributing significantly to the development of social, educational and economical opportunities in the city and county.

We envisage links with GMIT Art & Design Department by providing a small number of incubation units/spaces for recent Graduates and to assist them in realising their artistic and entrepreneurial ambitions in the field of ceramics and textiles. It will also aim at developing the culture of Applied Arts in Galway and West of Ireland in today’s competitive climate.


Business Concept

Becoming established as a professional working artist/craft designer in Ireland is extremely challenging and Groundworks Studios will provide an innovative solution to the costs associated with renting appropriate premises and of purchasing specialised equipment which is often prohibitive as an individual artist. This collective environment aims to provide a facility and support for emerging Artists/Designers and to promote and assist them in establishing themselves as a professional. We will provide a contemporary, innovative, vibrant and stable arts environment.


Groundworks Studios will support and promote emerging and established artists by constructively assisting them to overcome these major hurdles:

  • Participating artists will have their own workspace within a shared facility- thereby reducing rent costs substantially.

  • Equipment will be purchased and shared by artists availing of the facility

  • Artists will be working on their own, in teams and alongside each other. As such, there will be plenty of opportunity for the constructive criticism and the pooling of ideas/resources.

  • Artwork, crafts, designs and products produced by the artists and craftworks will be jointly marketed and promoted. Their work will be on display for purchase in our on line gallery.

  • The facilities and equipment provided will enable these artist/designers to create works for the fashion, interiors, fine craft gallery pieces and contemporary practice


At any one time there will be a mix of new talent, art graduates and more experienced artists availing of the facilities. Participants in group artistic schemes speak very positively of the ongoing inspirations, mentoring and assistance that benefit all artists/designer at different stages of their careers and working in different media work together.